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Weallknowthatexerciseisgoodforyourhealth.Butsomekindsofexercisemaybebetterthanothers.Runnin ...

We all know that exercise is good for your health. But some kinds of exercise may be better than others. Running, for example, may help to protect against heart disease and other health problems. Running may also help you live longer.

Recently, researchers studied more than 55,000 adults. About a quarter of the adults have a good habit of running. The study found these runners were much healthier than non-runners. In fact, the runners lived, on average, three years longer than the non-runners.

Running may be good exercise, but it can be difficult on the body. Here are commonly shared ideas among fitness experts(健身专家) to lower the risk of injury(受伤) for people who are new to running.

Take it easy.

Do not run too much, too soon or too fast. Most people get running injuries when they push themselves too hard. The body needs time to get used to increases in distance(里程) or speed.

Get good running shoes.

There is no single best shoe for every runner. You should find the shoe that offers the best fit and support for your feet. More importantly, you should have a new pair of shoes every 500 to 800 kilometers.

Take good notes.

Take time after each run to write down notes about what you did and how you felt. Look for things that happen again and again. For example, you may find that your knees hurt when you run sometimes. But perhaps you feel great when you have a rest between running days. These notes will help you make the best plan for running.

1.The writer wants to tell us in the first paragraph ____________.

A. good health comes from running

B. running is the best exercise

C. health problem can be solved by good exercise

D. not all exercise is equally good

2.In the second paragraph, we know ____________.

A. a good habit of running may help you live longer

B. the number of non-runners was getting smaller

C. three quarters of 55,000 adults were new to running

D. the hope to live three years longer drives people to exercise

3.Increases in distance or speed depend on ____________.

A. what the fitness experts say

B. whether you have the best shoes

C. how your body feels

D. why you start running

4.The purpose of taking notes is to ____________.

A. remind you of where to have new shoes

B. help you find the way of running that fits you

C. take a rest between running days

D. help you do some research on exercise

5.The passage is written to ____________.

A. provide information for the researchers to work better

B. warn the non-runners of the dangers in running

C. help runners to exercise in a scientific way

D. encourage as many people as possible to join in running

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